Grantmaking Policies

  • The Straus Foundation funds almost exclusively in the Baltimore metropolitan region.
  • The Foundation only accepts proposals that are consistent with its programmatic priorities.
  • The Foundation does not award grants to individuals or endowment campaigns.
  • The Foundation gives the strongest consideration to projects which attempt to influence the spending of public funding streams in more effective ways.
  • The Foundation strongly encourages all nonprofit organizations to use vendors in Baltimore City or the State of Maryland for their business or research-related contracts.
  • The Foundation encourages all nonprofit organizations to urge their employees or clients to access the Earned Income Tax Credit and all other benefits for which they might be eligible.

Our Process

  1. Determine whether you are eligible for a grant using our grantmaking policies above.
  2. If you have not received a grant with The Straus Foundation before, click on the button below to create a grant application login. If you have previously received a grant from The Straus Foundation, please reach out to
  3. Once in our grants system, you will fill out a short letter of interest in the portal.
  4. Foundation staff will review your letter of interest and notify you whether we would like to see a full proposal.
  5. If applicable, you may be invited to meet with our Foundation staff.
  6. After meeting, if applicable, you will be invited to fill out a full proposal.
  7. Foundation staff will review your full proposal and notify you on whether you will receive a grant and for how much.

Grants will be awarded three times a year and accepted on a rolling basis.

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